RISolutions Know-how for your successful business
RISolutions can help your publishing house to offer more successful products. We’ve developed several kind of services to help your needs:
  • Vendor Independent Consulting
    Digital Editions? Weblogs? Dayparting? New buzz words spread through the Internet all the time. Do you need to know them? Are they relevant for your business? Let RISolutions help you to find answers. Use RISolutions as your trend scout and use our consulting competence to find the technical system or service provider that could best serve your needs on Internet or New Media projects.
  • Reports and Market Overviews
    You need fast facts to get an overview on a new issue your publishing house is interested in? RISolutions can help with hands on reports und evaluations, for example on Digital Editions or Paid Content (the latter in German only up to date).
  • In-house Training / Workshops
    Continuing education gets more and more important, when new projects shall be realized with trusted employees. RISolutions helps you to gain knowledge in the least time consuming way. We conduct in-house training or workshops regarding to your needs. Please ask for an individual offer.
  • Project development
    To bring a new print-online business to market in a short time can require resources you don’t have at the moment. RISolutions with its wide network of experts might be well able to help your in those critical phases. The services we can offer range from pure project coordination to complete outsourcing. Ask for a meeting. We’re happy to show you projects we already managed for different customers and we can find out face to face how to cooperate best.
  • Project optimization
    You’ve already realized the project you had in mind but you’re not satisfied with the response of readers/users/advertisers? RISolutions kann help with Web site analysis, Usability-Testing and comparison of your services to those of your competitors. Sometimes small hints can cause profound effects. Test our fast and confidential services. A standard analysis of your Web site for example might be less expensive than your think.